Cycling with Adaptive Sports Connection

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”

– John F Kennedy


At Adaptive Sports Connection, we strive to help children and adults with disabilities be able to bike when and where they want.

Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, improve cardiovascular fitness, and socialize with friends and family – now with advanced technology in adaptive equipment everyone can participate!

At Adaptive Sports Connection we offer:

  • Discover Cycling for adults with physical disabilities or people 24y/o+ with developmental disabilities to work with Occupational and Physical therapists for a full bike evaluation and an opportunity to ride adaptive bikes. Opportunities to pursue adaptive equipment grants are also available in this program.
  • Discover Mountain Biking for anyone interested in off road cycling. We have hand and foot propelled options available. These rides take place at Alum Creek Mountain Bike Trail Phase 1. 
  • Group Rides: for anyone who has already received an evaluation (at Bikes To Go or Discover Cycling) Saturday mornings on the Alum Creek Bike Trail starting in Westerville.
  • Bikes To Go for kids 23 and under to work with therapists to own your own bike.

Our goal is to give everyone with disabilities access to cycling!

For more information on our cycling programs contact

Adaptive aspects include:

  • Handcycles for individuals with no or limited leg movement
  • Three and four wheel cycles for those who need more stability
  • Children’s hand and foot powered cycles
  • Tandem cycles for individuals who want a guide while riding
  • Hand and foot cranked cycles exercising your whole body
  • Standard cycles

Getting Started with Cycling

The first step in our cycling program is to complete a Participant Profile then you should schedule an ability assessment and equipment fitting at our Discover Cycling or Bikes To Go events. There is no fee for an evaluation. Once the right type of equipment is determined, you are free to join in our group rides! You can reserve a spot at a Discover Cycling (adults) or Bikes To Go (children) clinic from our Participant Event Calendar.

Discover Cycling: Meet with OSU therapists and ASC instructors at Glacier Ridge Metro Park to be fitted in an adaptive bike and try out. This is ideal for adult riders or cyclists who want a starting point to learn about different adaptive cycles that would work for them in ASC group rides or own their own equipment. Therapists and volunteers can also assist in providing specific measurements for bike orders and provide assistance with seeking grant funding to own an adaptive bike. Discover cycling takes place one Monday a month April-October at Glacier Ridge Metro Park. 

Discover Mountain Biking: Work with ASC volunteers to be fitted on an adaptive mountain bike and learn the basics of mountain biking in conjunction with Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization (COMBO). This clinic will take place at the Alum Creek Phase 1 Mountain Bike trail. This is a basic beginner trail, ideal for learning. Clinics take place 2 Sundays of each month May-October. Many styles of adaptive bikes are available including recumbent, 3- wheeled, and hand powered. Visit the Participant Event Calendar to register for Discover Mountain Biking

Group Rides: Join in a small group ride on the Alum Creek Bike Trail starting in Westerville! We have weekly rides Saturday mornings all Summer long. Ride pace and distance is varied based on group ability. Request a bike from ASC or bring your own! Volunteers will be onsite to assist with equipment and riding. Visit the Participant Event Calendar to register for a Group Ride!

Bikes To Go: Our Bikes to Go Program helps children and adults own their own bike – specifically tailored to meet their needs and abilities.Whether for recreation or therapy, we work with a therapist to assure the right fit. We have several options to own a bike and work with you to purchase or have your bike funded through our Boundless Bike Giveaway or other funding sources. For more information, visit our Bikes To Go Homepage.