Go Baby Go Powered Mobility Program

Through exploration and play, infants, toddlers, and young children interact with their environment and fellow peers and, in doing so, take in a vast amount of information about the world around them.

Go Baby Go!

What is Go Baby Go?

Go Baby Go offers children with significant mobility impairment a means of mobility to explore their world. Mobility is important to peer interaction, cognitive development and in motor skill development.

What will my child learn through power mobility?

Self confidence

Problem solving skills (cause/effect)

How to move through space independently

Attention to task

Motor development

Play skills and social interactions with family and friends!


Who would benefit from this Go Baby Go experience?

Children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. Preschool children may also benefit.

Children with mobility impairments or other developmental delays.

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Steps for the Go Baby Go Program


Complete Go Baby Go Application and send it to Adaptive Sports Connection.

If you have not already, please download, complete, and return the Go Baby Go Application Form and Adaptive Sports Connection Liability Waiver. The application form must be completed by a treating therapist.

Forms can be submitted either electronically to us or mail to Adaptive Sports Connection, 6000 Harriott Rd Powell OH 43065. prior to your evaluation date.

Steps for the Go Baby Go Program


Complete a Free Car Evaluation with a Trained Evaluator

Your trained evaluator will obtain the necessary measurements and help you pick out the best Go Baby Go option for your child with the appropriate adaptive accessories to make it fun and safe.

Evaluations take roughly half an hour and take place at the Adaptive Sports Connection Adventure Center (6000 Harriott Dr, Powell OH, 43065).  Talk to your treating therapist or sign up for your evaluation with one of Adaptive Sports Connections trained evaluators by emailing us (not currently accepting applications.)

Register for the Free Car Evaluation with a Trained Evaluator

The evaluation time slots are available to individuals who have completed Step One of the Go Baby Go Application Process. You should have received an email from Adaptive Sports Connection asking you to register for an evaluation to complete Step Two of the process.

Time: Evaluation appointments available in half-hour time slots.

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Steps for the Go Baby Go Program


Secure funding to purchase your Go Baby Go Car.

At the Adaptive Sports Connection we want everyone who could benefit from a Go Baby Go Car, regardless of circumstances, to be able to receive their own customized Go Baby Go Car. There are two ways to fund your new car.

There are two ways to fund your Go Baby Go Car.

Purchase your car outright

The quickest and easiest method.

Payment for your car can be made by cash, check, or credit card. As soon as we receive your payment your order is submitted. You can expect to receive your customized Go Baby Go car at the next month’s evaluation/pickup day, usually held on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Request help for portion of the cost through financial aid or fundraising

Adaptive Sports Connection’s Boundless Bike Giveaway Fund to help purchase your Adaptive Cycle.

Adaptive Sports Connection has sponsorship funding available thanks to our generous donors. Full and partial funding options are available depending on need. We will work with you to find the right option. Your bike will be ordered based on funding available and the current waiting list. You will be notified when funding for your car is secured.

  1. Contribute a portion of the purchase price as you are able.
  2. Fundraise a portion of the purchase price of your car.
    Request a “How to Fundraise for Your Go Baby Go Car” from Adaptive Sports Connection
  3. Receive money from the Adaptive Sports Connections Go Baby Go Fund for the remainder of the cost.
    Request a “Financial Aid Application” from Adaptive Sports Connection

Forms can be submitted either electronically to us or through first-class mail to Adaptive Sports Connection, 6000 Harriott Rd Powell OH 43065.


Adaptive Sports Connection participates in fundraising activities throughout the year to benefit the Go Baby Go Fund.

Requests are placed on the Funding Request list based on the order they are received. As funds become available they are distributed to drivers based on date of the request and amount of funding raised by family and friends.

No cars can be ordered until they are fully funded. You will be notified once your car is funded and has been ordered.

Steps for the Go Baby Go Program


Schedule a time for your final fitting and RECEIVE YOUR NEW CAR!

Your final fitting will be as soon as 1 month after your evaluation. You will receive your Go Baby Go car, safety guidelines, instructions on how to care for your car, where and how to obtain free maintenance and how to donate your car back to Adaptive Sports Connection should you outgrow your current model.

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Resources for Therapists

Car options available (coming soon)

How to choose a car (coming soon)

If you have any questions about Go Baby Go cars, or would like to schedule an evaluation for a car, please contact us or call Adaptive Sports Connection at 614.389.3921